With many business application systems in-house and third-party application, it is imminent for an organization to integrate the data flow and automate processes for seamless operations and consolidated view.

Assume your organization would like your users to raise a ticket through your Facebook page or would like to send WhatsApp message to operations team when the server is down - how do you do it?

As IT systems are emerging and becoming very complex, interfacing and seamless collaboration between varied business applications is the key to achieve desired business results in most effective, faster and in a cost-effective way. We have helped many organizations to integrate between critical business applications and automate their business process flow using RESTful APIs and GraphQL.

Some of the Key integration technologies and 3rd party integration systems which we have adopted and implemented for our clients include -


HungerBox queue management

Showing menu and order status in real time, through API integration, Mobile back end integration

Amazon discount system

Amazon discount

Close Integration with Amazon back end system to show case discounts and offer data in real time to digital screens.

Android Device Management platform

Android device management platform

Lanesquare developed a platform to manage Android based Digital Signage, Kiosk, PoS and IOT Devices

Discount management system

Discount management system

Lanesquare developed digital discount management system for a large retail chain

Visitor management system

Visitor management system

Developed visitor management system for an MNC and deployed across multiple offices.

LED display management

LED display management

Developed over the air LED display management system. The LED boards are used for showing real time bus arrival time.

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