Back end technologies for any web/mobile applications are ever evolving and due considerations should be given for choosing the technologies for each areas

Back end hosting and cloud environment

For any web and mobile application the data and back end processing environment needs to be hosted in local server/ cloud. We expertise in hosting application back end at both AWS / GCP cloud and also utilizing the server less environment of AWS or Google/Firebase.

Server side Coding language

Server side Coding language

We primarily expertise in development of back end in NodeJS. Depending on requirements, we can fall back to other technologies as well.

Rest API and GraphQL

Rest API has been in the industry for a while and Rest API is one of the most popular back end integration technology. However, off late GraphQL based back end technology has seen tremendous interest amongst developers, primarily because of its flexibility in data query, better performance etc.

Rest API and GraphQL


For business applications choosing the database is of paramount importance. The factors to consider while choosing the right database

  • Ability to perform complex queries to get business data for transactions, reporting, visualization and analytics.
  • Ability to support/integrate with real time Data publishing / data sync with clients
  • Ability to support offline data support for mobile apps.

We expertise in primarily no-SQL Databases like


Managed serverless database from AWS, works best with other AWS services like App sync and Lambda. Supports offline, realtime data sync, Check here for more details


No-SQL database with ability to perform complex SQL type queries. Best suited for business applications. And also supports offline, real time sync in collaboration with Apollo client.


A database environment with ability to provide real time sync/offline support through couchbase lite. Couchbase also supports complex SQL like data query making it the best suitable database environment for business applications.


managed serverless mobile back end platform by google. Provides scalability and ease of development. Best suited for quick development, without need of back end developers. Checkout more details on Firestore/Firebase here.

Web Front end technologies

Web front technologies are increasingly becoming complex and ever evolving. We expertise in primarily two prevalent front end technologies i.e. Angular and react While both technologies have their own advantages/disadvantages and the debate over supremacy by one over another continues, we extend our services in both these technologies.

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