Amazon web services provide a plethora of cloud components and tools enabling efficient and scalable app development for both web and mobile environments. Few of the tools and technologies we have expertise in

AWS tools to accelerate your app development -


App development

AWS App sync along with AWS amplify is a managed graphQL endpoint infrastructure provided by AWS. This enables Lanesquare developers to develop scalable application multiple data source SQL/No SQL, with offline support, realtime data subscriptions etc. AWS also provides necessary SDK for android, IOS and javascript for client side integration with AWS app sync.

  • AWS-Amplify

    AWS Amplify

  • AWS-AppSync

    AWS App Synch

  • android-SDK

    Android SDK

  • iOS-SDK

    iOS SDK

  • javascript-SDK

    Javascript SDK


Serverless Backend

Get unlimited scalability with AWS serverless backend infrastructure. AWS Lambda functionality allows you to run your back end without really worrying about managing servers, computing powers and memory. A must use facility of AWS for startups.

  • aws-lambda

    AWS lambda

  • API Gateway

    API Gateway


Identity management

Manage your users’ identity and authentication securely with AWS Cognito. Allow users to authen xxx

  • aws-cognito

    Cognito Identity



AWS DynamoDB provides a fully managed cloud based no-SQL database, Use this database especially for ultra-fast performance with in-memory cache, indexing etc.

  • dynamic-DB


  • Amazon RDS

    Amazon RDS

  • AWS-cognito-sych

    Cognito sych

torage and Content

Storage and Content

Use S3 storage for unlimited low cost storage of data and media. Use cloudfront for ultra fast delivery of content through global content delivery network and edge caching.

  • AWS-S3


  • AWS-cloudfront


Transcode service

AWS Transcode service

AWS Transcode service, allows you to transcode your media files in standardized formats so that user uploaded contents run seamlessly across heterogeneous mobile devices of different OS, screen sizes and resolution.

Pinpoint messaging, SES and SNS

These tools allow us to automate and integrate various components of AWS and code modules. And also user engagement through email, SMS etc on various events.

  • pinpoint

    Pinpoint Messaging

  • SES




Pinpoint messaging, SES and SNS

Testing and development tools

We use AWS testing and development tools extensively and this allows us to manage code commit, code deployment, pipeline and testing all on AWS platform.

  • AWS-Amplify

    Device Farm

  • codecommit

    Code Commit

  • codedeploy

    Code Deploy

  • CodePipeline


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