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Technology Expertise

Cloud Platform – GCP, AWS

Developing three products in-house, which is now catering numerous clients across the globe; Lanesquare team have developed a very deep understanding on cloud platform and its landscape. We understand the pitfalls and challenges while manoeuvring on cloud application development. With our expertise on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we can assist you in building a robust, scalable, efficient SaaS based application.  Here are the few considerations while you embark on your SaaS based application development (not in chronological order though), where we can pitch in

Firebase App Development Platform

Build your business app in jiffy!

Firebase is a mobile app development framework built on Google infrastructure to make app development, a breeze. Application development in Firebase is a deviation from a traditional or conventional way and primarily dwell on serverless architecture. Enabling developers to primarily focus on business functionality and user experience is the core philosophy behind Firebase framework. Firebase has taken away the pain of developers from stuff like

Flutter SDK

Build beautiful apps for Android, IOS & Desktop!


Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building visually attractive, natively, compiled applications for mobile, web & desktop from a single codebase. Agility in keeping up the pace in app development is the key now for ever changing business scenarios. Flutter provides flexibility and fast paced app development framework without compromising on user experience. One of the major advantages of flutter is maintaining a single codebase for Android, IOS & Web application, making it easier to manage, maintain, keep it consistent and ensure quality. Some of the key advantages of Flutter –


Fast development – One of the very important features with Flutter app mobile development framework is “Hot Reload”. This helps developer faster, dynamic and adaptive mobile application development. Developers can quickly make changes in the code and see the effect straight away on the emulator. This also helps designers to have a quick look at the design and make changes on a real-time for better user experience.


Single codebase – With flutter, just you have to write a single piece of code to effectively run on both Android and IOS. Flutter provides native version of both Android and IOS version from a single codebase.What it does effectively is – cut down efforts on development, testing and quality assurance, which otherwise had to be duplicated.


Beautiful designs – With built-in  widgets, rich motion APIs, smooth natural scrolling, and platform awareness Flutter offers ample resources for developers and designers to create beautifully designed apps with rich user experience. Developers can customize the existing widgets and can also create their own widgets for future use.